I’m Hope Nothhelfer, a Social Media Strategist and Consultant. I help businesses around the world to build, curate and grow online communities that deliver results, aiming to reach people not consumers.


About me

In sales from the age of 8, back when you’d find me in front of my house selling everything from lemonade to my Mum’s throw pillows. Fast forward 11 years, as I pack up my bags and set sail on a journey to find the answers to some of life’s most intriguing questions, “Is there a meaning to life?” and “If so, what is my purpose?” I spent the following 3 years traveling, experiencing the differences in cultures around the world and working with a wide array of people.

I learned some important things on this journey. With a little patience, we can all communicate in any language. The moment you leave your comfort zone is where you start truly living. How to be resilient when things go wrong (oh, and the most important - not to eat sashimi from a back alley vendor in Brazil).

Along the way, I found the answers to my questions and naturally, some more questions. Now, I put that perseverance and real-world experience to work as a Social Media Strategist. I help businesses around the world to build, curate and grow online communities that deliver results, aiming to reach people, not consumers.


Simply broadcasting your message and telling your brand story is no longer enough.


How I can help

To connect with users as people not consumers, we need to be listening, questioning and having conversations. Social media marketing only brings results if you have a strategy in place. You can begin to shape and influence the social landscape with attention-grabbing, thought-provoking and inspiring content. When you implement a social strategy, you reach real people and turn them into fans and advocates.


3.48 billion

people now use social media


of digital consumers use social networks to research new brands or products

2.5 hours

is the average daily time spent on social media


At the heart of global communication, social media connects us across continents, cultures, and movements. If you're not already utilising the power of social media in your business, get started today! Take action.

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I am delighted to be working with Hope. Not only is she skilled and knowledgeable in what she is doing, always at the cutting edge of technology, she also puts her heart and spirit into helping her clients. Hope is fiercely supportive of my work, and so not only do I have a partner in her, but a true ally in ensuring the best return for my business.
— Reena Kumarasingham, CEO

Social Media Strategy Blueprint (Consultation and Audit)

Want to run your own social but not sure where to start? Tell me your goals and I will build a strategy that attains them.

A comprehensive blueprint strategy document that’s easy to interpret, with clear and concise steps to increase monetary and brand ROI. Includes social audit, 1-1 consultation where we will go through the strategy, and a 2-week period to ask any further questions. The strategy will be unique to your business with actionable insights so that anyone can execute it; be it yourself, an in-house team, or a VA.

  • Get more traffic and customers

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Develop a loyal fan-base

  • Have a consistent brand image and messaging

(4-week turnaround which includes a 2-week period to ask any further questions)

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Working with Hope is not only a joy but a companionship. She has a lovely blend of being both personal and professional. Her listening skills show a high degree of empathy which she then harnesses to the best strategy around to serve your needs. If you’re looking for someone to help you get out there, you’re knocking on the right door.
— Ashley Ramsden, CEO